Sink a fork into Northern Liberties Restaurant Week this weekend | - ELMARKO.NET Sink a fork into Northern Liberties Restaurant Week this weekend |

Sink a fork into Northern Liberties Restaurant Week this weekend |

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Northern Liberties Restaurant Week is making its instrumentality for 2023. From Jan. 27 to Feb. 5, Philadelphians tin dine astatine implicit 2 twelve spots offering lunches astatine $10 and $15, positive specialty- priced 3 people dinners for $15, $25 and $40. 

Returning favorites see Añejo Philly, Pera Turkish Cuisine, Cantina Dos Segundos, Figo Ristorante, Apricot Stone, Urban Village, Bagels and Co., El Camino, Standard Tap and more. There are besides a fewer caller stops added to the 2023 lawsuit with Nourish Cafe (which is marque caller for the area), Hikari Sushi, Las Cazuelas, The Winston, The Shake Seafood and D’Oliva EVOO Pizza and Grill making the list. 

Northern Liberties Restaurant WeekBaan ThaiEddy Marenco

With the determination to winter, comes the summation this twelvemonth of the Igloos astatine Figo and the heated patio and cocktail garden, positive different outdoor imperishable options specified arsenic the outdoor heated year-round seating astatine Urban Village, precocious platform seating astatine Standard Tap and courtyard seating successful the Liberties Walk for Apricot Stone, D’Oliva EVOO Pizza and Grill, Baan Thai Thai Cuisine and SET NoLibs. Plus, courtyard seating astatine the Piazza for Bagels and Co, a merchandise states.

“Northern Liberties continues to summation popularity arsenic 1 of the hottest nutrient destinations successful the metropolis – with astatine slightest 10 much restaurants, cafes and food-oriented businesses acceptable to expansive unfastened successful 2023. Our edifice week is simply a solemnisation of each the energy, creativity and talent,” said NLBID Executive Director Kris Kennedy successful a statement.

Kennedy continued: “It is simply a fantastic mode to acquisition and amusement disconnected that growth. Come and effort a spot you person ne'er been to, oregon acquisition your favourite places each implicit again. This is an affordable mode to get retired for the outpouring with friends and family. We anticipation to spot you there.”

Cuisines for the 2023 Northern Liberties Restaurant Week see Vietnamese, Armenian, Italian, American, Chinese, Thai, Mexican and overmuch more. A afloat database of participating spots offering everything from pizzas to salads to sushi to skewers and everything successful betwixt is disposable online. 

Options span indoor dining, outdoor eating and take-out, each decided by each restaurant.  Northern Liberties Restaurant WeekPera.Eddy Marenco

“Come retired and observe our divers nutrient options with Northern Liberties Restaurant Week this January,” finishes Kennedy. “Most eateries are inactive recovering from COVID disruptions and rising nutrient costs, truthful this is simply a large and important 2 weeks for them. If you’ve ever wanted to effort 1 of the places connected this year’s list, present is the time.”

The website volition location each info bare diners need: Restaurant locations, menus, terms points, preservation links and more.