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‘Shotgun Wedding’ marries a rom-com with an action film | www.elmarko.net

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Your emblematic rom-com is 1 packed with love, drama, romance and apt immoderate comedic moments. But for ‘Shotgun Wedding,’ Prime Video’s latest task into the genre, this communicative packs successful a batch of enactment and escapade connected apical of the emblematic romanticist drama storyline for 1 unsocial watch.

Starring Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Coolidge, Cheech Marin, D’Arcy Carden, Steve Coulter and Selena Tan, the communicative takes the thought of a destination wedding and makes the stakes that overmuch higher—with pirates, hostages and plentifulness of actors with comedic chops successful life-or-death situations.

The movie opens with Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Duhamel) the nighttime earlier their wedding successful the Philippines with their household and friends each celebrating astatine their rehearsal dinner. And successful existent emblematic wedding fashion, the abstraction is filled with a radical of precise antithetic people, and with the cast, manager Jason Moore was going for the aforesaid benignant of gathering.

“At a wedding, sometimes you look astir and determination are these radical who would ne'er beryllium successful a country unneurotic for immoderate different reason. So, I benignant of wanted our formed to consciousness similar that too,” Moore explained. “The casting for this was benignant of a puzzle due to the fact that you request radical who tin beryllium grounded and real, and besides comic and physical.”

Shotgun WeddingPictured are Jennifer Lopez arsenic Darcy Rivera, Josh Duhamel arsenic Tom Fowler, and manager Jason Moore successful ‘Shotgun Wedding’.Ana Carballosa

That gangly bid was met done the 2 cardinal lovebirds, but besides done Tom’s saccharine but somewhat oblivious parent (played by Jennifer Coolidge), Darcy’s affluent and somewhat smug begetter (played by Cheech Martin), and his younger woman (D’arcy Carden). Then of course, there’s Darcy’s ex, the larger-than-life Sean, played by Lenny Kravitz.

Although the quality of Sean arrives to the rehearsal meal similar a stone prima (though a chopper of course), Kravitz traded successful his microphone for a publication done ‘Shotgun Wedding.’ And it’s thing the instrumentalist says helium looks guardant to successful a mode to workout antithetic originative muscles.

“When I’m making music, I’m chiefly successful the workplace by myself. Playing the instruments, writing, producing… It’s my thing, it’s my expression, but it’s a large alleviation to past spell and enactment with radical and person it not beryllium astir maine and however I privation and what I want, but to past beryllium determination and service the character, the manager and the script. I emotion that,” Kravitz explains.

He continued: “I deliberation the astir fantastic happening astir this acquisition was that we each truly enjoyed being unneurotic and surviving together. We enjoyed the process and it was a batch of amusive successful a precise surreal clip successful this world. At the opening of COVID, we got to spell to the Dominican Republic and person amusive unneurotic and beryllium creative. It was a precise peculiar clip and I deliberation that we each had a batch of gratitude.”

As Kravitz says, the formed and unit spent astir of their clip surviving with 1 different portion filming, virtually working, playing and creating together. And though arsenic assemblage members we don’t spot the behind-the-scenes, the result connected surface is rather apparent.

Shotgun WeddingCheech Marin arsenic Robert Rivera and Lenny Kravitz arsenic Sean Hawkins successful ‘Shotgun Wedding’. Ana Carballosa

“It was a peculiar film, I’ve ne'er had an acquisition similar this—and I don’t privation to person an acquisition similar this again due to the fact that it was unique,” Cheech Martin says.

“Jason made it easy, it’s conscionable astir being comfy successful the setting. We had truthful overmuch clip to enslaved with everyone, it benignant of felt similar we were a household moving connected a small movie project. It was bully fun,” adds Selena Tan, who plays 1 portion of the mates who runs the island.

‘Shotgun Wedding’ escalates the time of the existent wedding for Tom and Darcy. But adjacent earlier the pirates acceptable ft connected the island, the blessed mates is not really successful wedding bliss. They person antithetic opinions astir things from the start, from however large the ceremonial should person been, to what they should bash the nighttime before, and however they communicate.

But, successful existent rom-com fashion, the disagreement sets up for a batch of quality development, which is past elevated by the pirates that instrumentality everyone hostage.

“[Jason] wasn’t acrophobic to marque it a large romp of a movie—he went there,” explains Duhamel. “This felt antithetic than thing I’ve ever done and that’s what I loved astir it. This movie felt wholly and comedically different.”

For Lopez’s Darcy, we spot visually the translation her quality is going done with her wedding dress, which was fixed to her by Coolidge’s quality earlier connected successful the film.

“I truly felt similar the formal was its ain quality successful the movie, but besides truly represented what she was going through. I wanted it to commencement disconnected wherever [Darcy] was ace uncomfortable—it was the biggest, astir cumbersome, benignant of beauteous [dress] but besides not her astatine all,” Lopez explains.

She continues: “And past arsenic she went on, and was much honorable with [Tom] astir who she was and what she wanted and she started peeling backmost the layers and stepping into her ain powerfulness and authenticity, that happened with the formal arsenic well. Pieces started to travel disconnected and by the end, she’s this bada** taking disconnected her hairsbreadth extensions and has a weapon and is similar alright now, everyone perceive to me.”

Overall, ‘Shotgun Wedding’ packs successful a ton of punches and a ton of twists and turns. It’s an escapade movie with a batch of comedy, oregon a rom-com with a batch of guns—both are close descriptions. But it besides has the ground to go a classic, oregon astatine least, that’s what Jennifer Coolidge said erstwhile asked astatine the planetary property conference.

Shotgun Wedding Jennifer Coolidge arsenic Carol Fowler successful ‘Shotgun Wedding’. Ana Carballosa

“I deliberation it could [be a classic.] I’ve ever liked that benignant of precocious drama—the operation of drama and existent scary worldly happening astatine the aforesaid time. That is truly my favourite benignant of movie and I haven’t been successful a batch of those with that combo,” she says. “The chemistry particularly betwixt Jennifer and Josh, they are truthful bully unneurotic connected screen, they are truthful entertaining.”

Lopez agreed with her sentiment: “It’s an enactment and escapade [film] and there’s truthful overmuch that happens. But astatine the halfway of it, it’s astir these families coming unneurotic and my quality Darcy and Josh’s quality Tom, truly figuring retired who they are and however they are going to marque this matrimony work.”

‘Shotgun Wedding’ volition merchandise globally connected Prime Video Jan. 27.