Shake Milton is an extremely important piece for the Sixers | - ELMARKO.NET Shake Milton is an extremely important piece for the Sixers |

Shake Milton is an extremely important piece for the Sixers |

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Shake Milton

November 18, 2022, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: NBA – Sixers v Bucks Coach Doc Rivers and Shake Milton (18 Sixers) talking during the National Basketball Association crippled betwixt Philadelphia Sixers and Milwaukee Bucks astatine Wells Fargo Center successful Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Sport Press Photo/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire) ****NO AGENTS—NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA SALES ONLY****

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Shake Milton has had immoderate of the oddest minutes successful the past fewer games for the Sixers. He goes from playing 16 minutes connected Jan 17 to 30 minutes connected Jan 21. His inconsistent playing clip has not hindered his play though. In the period of January, Milton is averaging 8.8 points, 3.5 assists, and 2.6 rebounds per game. With truthful overmuch fluctuation successful playing time, it is unthinkable that Milton has inactive been capable to nutrient for the 76ers.

Shake Milton's minutes support going up and down, but helium has remained consistent.

In January, Milton's shooting splits are 48.1/42.9/87.5. He's besides averaging 3.5 assists per crippled with lone 0.9 turnovers per game.

Milton deserves immoderate much minutes.

— Trey (@TreyB_PSN) January 24, 2023

Shake Milton, the fifth-year Sixers retired of SMU, has had an up-and-down vocation for Philadelphia. Milton played successful 20 games successful his rookie year, a beauteous bully feat for a subordinate drafted 54th wide successful his draft. After that, helium started garnering adjacent much playing clip successful the bubble, adjacent hitting a game-winner successful the bubble aft a flimsy beef with Joel Embiid.

The adjacent season, nether then-new Head Coach Doc Rivers, Shake Milton reached a caller level. Averaging 13.0 points per crippled connected 45.0/35.0/83.0 shooting splits, Milton had precocious praise from caput manager Doc Rivers. He performed truthful good this play that helium adjacent received a second-place ballot for Sixth Man of the Year. Things seemed highly agleam for the guard, that was passed connected 53 times successful the NBA draft.

However, since that season, Milton has had to woody with injuries that derailed promising a promising run successful the 2021-2022 season. Mixing that with wellness and information protocols, idiosyncratic tin recognize wherefore his stats got little successful the pursuing season.

That brings america to now. Where Shake Milton, yet healthy, has to combat with minutes acknowledgment to the expansions added to the seat for Philadelphia. Milton, erstwhile helium receives the playing time, regularly shows that helium is an highly skilled and talented NBA player. Whether oregon not his minutes get much consistent, oregon if helium keeps playing antithetic amounts, Sixers fans should person comfortableness knowing that helium tin execute successful immoderate fig of minutes.