PhilaMOCA debuts horror of ‘LandLocked’ with a very personal touch | - ELMARKO.NET PhilaMOCA debuts horror of ‘LandLocked’ with a very personal touch |

PhilaMOCA debuts horror of ‘LandLocked’ with a very personal touch |

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When PhilaMOCA welcomes filmmaker Paul E. Owens to debut ‘LandLocked’, its astir unsocial constituent isn’t conscionable the level of fearfulness oregon its suspenseful subject fabrication vibe. ‘LandLocked’ comes with idiosyncratic storytelling, successful that it uses the director’s aged location movies to archer its chilling tale.

‘LandLocked’ follows a antheral returning to his soon-to-be demolished puerility home, wherever helium discovers an aged VHS camera and sees into his family’s acheronian past. Here, the aged homestead’s evils go a quality of its own. In ‘LandLocked’ — filmed astatine Owens’ idiosyncratic puerility location successful Franklinville, New Jersey, and with his ain household members — determination is simply a contention to the decorativeness successful that the movie’s protagonist is pushed to grounds arsenic galore memories arsenic imaginable earlier the location is destroyed forever.

Or is it?

Owens, a cameraman and movie exertion with respective documentaries nether his belt, approached ‘LandLocked’ arsenic if it was a documentary, and drew upon galore of “the filmmaking tricks” that helium had accumulated passim his years successful movie-making.

“The genesis of ‘LandLocked’ was maine returning to my aged household puerility location aft a agelong clip away,” says Owens. “I discovered a large container of our aged location movies and they each truly blew my mind. They showed a blessed household surviving unneurotic successful a vibrant house, but years removed from that, that aforesaid location had fallen into disrepair and the idiosyncratic household members had moved on. I got attracted to the thought of utilizing a magical VHS camera of sorts to look into the past portion our main characters were stranded successful the lonely present.”

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The usage of location movies gives ‘LandLocked’ a warm, but surely haunted feel, and different filmic texture to enactment with.

“I’m chiefly a video editor, truthful having the accidental to alteration the discourse of the location videos done the editing was a batch of fun,” Owens says. “There are moments successful immoderate location video wherever idiosyncratic volition look straight astatine the lens, a beauteous earthy thing. With the alteration successful discourse though, wherever this is expected to beryllium a VHS clip instrumentality our quality is looking through, it present seems similar the ghosts of the past are taking announcement of him and looking close into the lens astatine him. It’s a neat small exertion instrumentality that’s beauteous spooky.”

Owens’ acquisition of returning location summoned successful him an isolated feeling, “often surreal and scary,” and ‘LandLocked’ forges a consciousness to wherever the manager believed his beingness was headed astatine that infinitesimal successful time. Returning again, equipped with his aged location movies truthful to lucifer scenes and country settings seamlessly, Owens began the filming process.

“I’ve ever had a fascination with the place. For sure, we had benignant of a charmed beingness determination — determination was a batch of onshore to tally astir connected and places to explore. It’s besides a precise aged house. I deliberation it dates backmost to the 1830’s truthful it ever felt antithetic from different people’s homes. There was a batch of weird architecture and additions/subtractions to the location implicit the years arsenic it shifted owners. It made it consciousness similar determination were hidden secrets successful the walls oregon adjacent thing similar a monster made of particulate that lived successful immoderate unseen enclosure beneath the house.

“My household ever threatened to teardrop the location down… truthful the conception was a benignant of privation fulfillment for me: A video camera that tin spot into the past and grounds each the memories that ever happened successful a abstraction earlier that spot is gone forever.”

As for casting real-life household members to play fictionalized versions of themselves successful ‘LandLocked’, Owens is pragmatic. “We could usage the existent aged location video footage and past conscionable person the existent household members play the older mentation of themselves,” says the director. “Seemed similar it would consciousness much existent and unsocial that mode and adhd different furniture of meaning to the proceedings.”

As for household members making their beingness known, Owens states his brothers made for good actors.

“Mason is the champion histrion probably, truthful that’s wherefore he’s the main character. My different brother, Seth, is enigmatic by quality and truthful we utilized that to assistance physique the mystery. Everyone had their small portion of the puzzle to play. I’m truly grateful to my household for going on with this full brainsick idea.”

Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (PhilaMOCA) volition big the premier of ‘LandLocked’ connected Thursday, Jan. 26. Tickets outgo $12 and doors unfastened astatine 7 p.m. For accusation and tickets, sojourn