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Philadelphia teachers’ union endorses Helen Gym for mayor |

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Helen Gym

Mayoral campaigner Helen Gym makes remarks during a quality league extracurricular Heston Elementary School.


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Former Councilmember Helen Gym received a cardinal endorsement successful Philadelphia’s politician race, earning the enactment of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.

PFT President Jerry Jordan made the authoritative announcement during a quality league extracurricular Heston Elementary School. The teachers union’s lengthy endorsement process gave each declared campaigner an accidental to contiguous earlier PFT members astatine a virtual meeting. Every national subordinate past had an accidental to ballot connected an endorsement.

“In the many, galore chapters of this national and our combat for justice, determination is 1 campaigner successful the contention for politician of our beauteous metropolis that has been determination with america done each of it,” Jordan said during the event. “And that idiosyncratic is the indefatigable, inimitable, unrelenting powerhouse of boundless vigor and unparalleled determination— Helen Gym.”

Jordan continued: “Together, Helen Gym and the PFT person led the complaint in: warring against schoolhouse closures, dismantling a authorities takeover that wreaked havoc connected our schools, warring to instrumentality nurses and counselors to each building, warring to region toxins similar pb and asbestos from our schools, ensuring entree to cleanable h2o successful schools, ensuring the harmless opening of schoolhouse buildings successful the aftermath of COVID, and helping unafraid the colony of a beardown declaration for each of our members — conscionable to sanction a fewer of the things we’ve partnered up connected implicit the years.”

Gym has agelong been an advocator for nationalist schools. She joins a crowded Democratic tract that already includes her erstwhile Council colleagues Maria Quinones Sanchez, Derek Green, Allan Domb and Cherelle Parker, arsenic good arsenic grocer Jeff Brown and erstwhile City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart. Other mayoral candidates see Amen Brown, a authorities representative, and retired justice James DeLeon.

“This concern has been calved retired of decades of work,” Gym said. “Many years ago, particularly arsenic the authorities was taking implicit our nationalist schools, erstwhile we went done monolithic schoolhouse closings, erstwhile we saw the attacks against teachers and high-stakes testing, 1 happening became clear—that teachers and educators were going to bring this metropolis backmost to its sanity and backmost to humanity.”