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The NBA commercialized deadline is conscionable implicit a week away, and truthful the speech surrounding the large time has continued ratcheting up, adjacent for the Philadelphia 76ers. Rumors, reports, and of course, mock trades involving the Sixers person go much and much prevalent, including 1 caller mock commercialized that is rather interesting, if not insanely controversial.

The “Dunc’d connected Basketball” NBA podcast by Nate Duncan, Danny Leroux, and Dan Feldman held their yearly Mock Trade Deadline with impermanent Kevin Pelton. What is simply a “Mock Trade Deadline”? Well, ideate a Model UN wherever the 30 teams successful the NBA are divided betwixt 4 representatives and actively negociate trades.

For those who fiddle with NBA commercialized machines oregon perpetually reset their 2k franchises truthful they tin negociate commercialized aft commercialized aft commercialized (I americium blameworthy connected some counts), this enactment is arsenic thrilling arsenic it tin beryllium maddening.

In the archetypal portion of this year’s episode, a commercialized involving Philadelphia occurred acold sooner than galore possibly expected, 1 that volition surely make overmuch disaccord among Sixers fans.

It each began arsenic Nate Duncan, who was representing the Toronto Raptors, was approached by Dan Feldman, representing the Sixers, to gauge involvement successful a woody involving young prima Tyrese Maxey Tobias Harris. After immoderate negotiation, the afloat woody is arsenic follows utilizing Fanspo’s NBA Trade Machine:

Sixers/Raptors Blockbuster deal

A elemental two-player for two-player swap sees the Sixers parting ways with their beloved young prima and a captious person and relation subordinate successful Harris. That is rather the bundle to portion ways with for Philadelphia; however, the instrumentality is thing to sneeze astatine either.

OG Anunoby has grown into 1 of the astir impactful defenders astatine 1 of the league’s astir captious positions. He’s nary one-sided subordinate either, arsenic he’s averaged 17 points per crippled portion slashing 45.0/36.4/79.0 implicit the past 2 seasons.

This operation of accomplishment sets has turned the 25-year-old helping into 1 of the premier names being discussed astatine the deadline. The antecedently reported asking terms was said to beryllium three first-round picks. In Tyrese Maxey, the Raptors would person a importantly much proven commodity who is inactive connected an affordable deal. That aforesaid team-friendly declaration makes the summation of Tobias Harris overmuch much palatable, arsenic does Harris’ enactment capabilities and acceptable alongside the remaining Raptors roster.

Anunoby unsocial is not capable for an statement to beryllium reached, however, arsenic the Sixers would necessitate much worth successful return, and the Raptors would request to nonstop retired much matching salary. This is wherever Gary Trent Jr. comes into the picture.

Acquired successful a swap with the Portland Trail Blazers, the sent-out Norm Powell, Trent Jr. has taken formation with the Raptors averaging 18.2 points portion shooting 37.4% from heavy connected an awesome 7.5 attempts per game.

With the Sixers, Trent would beryllium capable to capable respective roles. He’s a talented shooter some successful the catch-and-shoot and arsenic a question shooter. He tin abstraction the level astir James Harden and Joel Embiid waiting to person the speedy dish, oregon helium tin play the Redick/Curry relation with Embiid up astatine the apical of the key.

Both players Philadelphia would person could marque an contiguous impact, and potentially, they would rise the Sixers’ ceiling for this idiosyncratic season. I preface it arsenic specified due to the fact that reports person indicated that Trent Jr. volition beryllium opting out of his declaration erstwhile the offseason arrives. As it stands, helium is acceptable to marque implicit $18.5 cardinal adjacent play but volition apt person a higher-paying connection should helium participate the upcoming escaped bureau pool, wherever helium would arguably beryllium a top-10 subordinate available.

Philadelphia could resign him successful the offseason arsenic they would ain his “Bird Rights” aft the woody is made, allowing them to transcend the wage headdress with their offer. Anunoby, meanwhile, would beryllium connected the books astatine slightest for adjacent play though helium would besides apt diminution his Player Option that would travel into play during the 2024 offseason.

It’s besides important to enactment that the Sixers would prevention $5.4 cardinal this season, which would let them to debar the luxury tax, something the squad has reportedly been focused on. It is imaginable Philadelphia could prosecute much and find a mode to see Chris Boucher arsenic good (while sending backmost much salary), but the Raptors would apt person to beryllium heavy focused connected avoiding the taxation themselves to see that.

This commercialized is, of course, not rumored, it is not reported, but it remains absorbing nevertheless owed to the mode it benefits some teams. Is it thing either squad would consider? Perhaps, possibly not.

Regardless, it does get 1 reasoning astir the aboriginal of Tyrese Maxey with the Sixers and the hard determination betwixt preserving the aboriginal oregon maximizing the present. Something that the enactment volition person to continuously ponder until they yet scope a decision.

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