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National Catholic Schools Week is a time to celebrate |

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National Catholic Schools Week, which began successful 1974, is an yearly solemnisation of Catholic education. This year’s festivities footwear disconnected Sunday, Jan. 29, and tally done Saturday, Feb. 4.

The 2023 taxable for Catholic Schools Week is “Faith. Excellence. Service.” Schools typically observe the week with Masses, unfastened houses and different activities for students, families, parishioners and assemblage members, according to the National Catholic Education Association.

Each time of the week has a theme, and here’s a rundown with accusation from the National Catholic Schools Week website.

Local schools astir the Philadelphia portion volition beryllium adapting each of these themes to acceptable their mission.

Sunday: Celebrating Your Parish

Catholic schools payment each twelvemonth agelong from the spiritual guidance, prayers and enactment parishes provide. Many parishes articulation successful the National Catholic Schools Week solemnisation by devoting a Mass to Catholic education. Schools commencement the week by inviting parishioners and assemblage members to parish-centered events and schoolhouse unfastened houses that diagnostic their outstanding world programs, spiritual acquisition and work opportunities.

Getty ImagesMonday: Celebrating Your Community

A cardinal facet of Catholic acquisition is learning the value of work to others. When students instrumentality portion successful work activities – some section and beyond – they show the values and religion they summation done their Catholic acquisition and larn however to marque the satellite a amended place. When they observe however others service the community, they summation an appreciation for however they tin proceed to service others their full lives.

Tuesday: Celebrating Your Students

Schools observe students during National Catholic Schools Week by readying enjoyable and meaningful activities for them and recognizing their accomplishments. They promote students to bespeak connected the benefits of Catholic acquisition and however the grounding successful faith, cognition and work it provides volition assistance them passim their lives.

Getty ImagesWednesday: Celebrating the Nation

On National Appreciation Day for Catholic schools, students, families, educators and different Catholic schoolhouse supporters pass the worth of Catholic acquisition to authorities leaders. They stock accusation with leaders connected the important contributions Catholic schools marque to the federation and their relation successful preparing students to beryllium bully citizens. They commune for the federation and admit each those who serve.

Thursday: Celebrating Vocations

By focusing connected faith, cognition and service, Catholic schools hole children to usage their God-given talents to the fullest aboriginal successful life. National Catholic Schools Week offers an accidental for students to research the galore beingness paths that alteration them to usage their talents good successful the work of God and others.

Friday: Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

Teachers are the backbone of Catholic schools. On this day, schools grant teachers, arsenic good arsenic administrators and unit who enactment teachers successful their important work, and convey the parents, grandparents, alumni, parishioners and schoolhouse committee members who supply unpaid service.

Saturday: Celebrating Families

Parents, guardians and different household members play a captious relation successful Catholic education. Not lone bash they unpaid astatine the school, they instill values and expectations for world excellence successful their children astatine home. Catholic schools admit the relation of families successful Catholic acquisition and observe their contributions to the occurrence of schools connected the past time of National Catholic Schools Week, and each twelvemonth long.

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