Jonathan Gannon has earned his stripes as Eagles defensive coordinator in 2022 |

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 26: Philadelphia Eagles antiaircraft coordinator Jonathan Gannon and Philadelphia Eagles antiaircraft tackle Fletcher Cox (91) chat during the crippled betwixt the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles connected December 26, 2021 astatine Lincoln Financial Field successful Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire)

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The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl bound. For the 2nd clip successful 5 seasons, the Birds person soared to the precise apical of the NFL successful astounding fashion. While it’s casual to praise Jalen Hurts and an explosive offense, Jonathan Gannon deserves conscionable arsenic overmuch adoration.

It wasn’t ever creaseless sailing for Jonathan Gannon

The archetypal twelvemonth of Jonathan Gannon’s Eagles defence saw plentifulness of ups and downs. Fletcher Cox wasn’t precisely thrilled astatine the thought of dropping backmost into coverage, and the portion seemed to truly conflict against top-10 quarterbacks. Sprinkle successful a contrastingly ascendant discourtesy and it was wide that the defence could bash with immoderate upgrades…and payment they did.

From James Bradberry and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson to a slew of rookies specified arsenic Nakobe Dean and Jordan Davis, Howie Roseman went to municipality connected strengthening the defence successful the 2022 offseason. The cherry connected the barroom was undoubtedly snagging Haason Reddick, who returned to his hometown aft playing his collegiate shot astatine Temple.

The 2022 Eagles defence should’ve ever been a ascendant portion connected paper, and it yet was. The Eagles became the archetypal squad successful NFL past to person 4 players with double-digit sacks in the aforesaid season. They besides led the full league successful sacks, breaking their ain franchise grounds successful the process. The Birds besides ranked 1st successful the NFL successful opposing yards per game, and 5th successful interceptions forced.

There were inactive admittedly moments of frustration, but they were soon replaced by feelings of excitement arsenic the Eagles waltzed to the #1 effect successful the NFC.

Where Jonathan Gannon truly succeeded

Maybe it’s because Eagles fans person go truthful utilized to changeless blitzing and assertive play-calls that seeing a defence play accordant soft-zone astir triggers an contiguous disliking. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the defence struggled erstwhile Jalen Hurts was injured. Gardner Minshew slugging it retired to support his squad successful some of his losses, lone to person his hard enactment undone due to the fact that of antiaircraft errors wasn’t what fans had connected their bingo cards. But erstwhile each is said and done, there’s a crushed Gannon is truthful sought aft arsenic a Head Coach.

Think backmost to the 2016-2020 Eagles. The anonymous sources, the frustrated players, the schematic misfits, the leaked complaints. None of that is taking spot nether this coaching regime. There is harmony and cohesion successful the locker country and that starts up apical with the coaching staff.

Whether you similar Jonathan Gannon’s strategy oregon not, helium has this squad playing for him and loving each 2nd of it. the results talk for themselves and this defence is an highly intimidating one, careless of however it’s called.

Hey whitethorn not beryllium everyone’s cupful of tea, and that’s okay. Where a batch of radical thin to spell incorrect is assuming that if you’re not all-in connected each azygous facet of a coordinator, coach, or player, past you’re simply a hater, oregon an uneducated expert who is conscionable pursuing the trends. You tin similar a Steak portion admitting it’s not rather however you’d person cooked it. You tin similar a car portion hating the sound. You tin similar the results this Eagles defence brings portion being cautious of its schematic flaws that are often masked.

But what we can’t bash is contradict that Jonathan Gannon has done a large occupation overall. This defence has answered each call, it’s stood up to each challenge, and if the biggest grievance is that it doesn’t look the mode we privation it to, past that is perfectly good by me. I’d overmuch alternatively person 1 of the champion defenses successful the NFL that looks a small alien and has immoderate insignificant concerns, than a top-15 portion that plays to my idiosyncratic liking but struggles successful doing so.

It’s clip to enactment immoderate respect connected Jonathan Gannon’s name.

Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire

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