How to bet on 49ers vs Eagles: 5 best sportsbook promos for the NFC Championship | - ELMARKO.NET How to bet on 49ers vs Eagles: 5 best sportsbook promos for the NFC Championship |

How to bet on 49ers vs Eagles: 5 best sportsbook promos for the NFC Championship |

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Sports betting is increasing astatine an unthinkable complaint and with the NFC Championship crippled connected the horizon, there’s ne'er been a amended clip to get successful connected the fun. 49ers vs Eagles promises to beryllium a thrilling matchup and you tin find immoderate astonishing sign-up offers from Philly Sports Network by clicking here.

The Philadelphia Eagles volition look the San Francisco 49ers successful the 2022 NFC Championship crippled and unfastened up arsenic 2.5-point favorites implicit the traveling Niners. There’s nary uncertainty immoderate worth to beryllium found, but what if determination was a mode to marque it risk-free?

Whether you’re a first-time bettor, oregon a grizzled seasoned looking for a mode to spice up their adjacent 12-leg parlay, you’ll find everything you request to cognize astir how to stake connected the NFC Championship game close here.

49ers vs Eagles betting info:

The NFC Championship crippled volition instrumentality spot connected Saturday January 29th astatine Lincoln Financial Field, PA. Kickoff volition beryllium astatine 3PM EST, giving Eagles fans plentifulness of opportunities to get their wagers in. Finding wherever to spot those bets tin often beryllium overwhelming and confusing with truthful galore sportsbooks to take from. But we’ve made that process ace elemental by uncovering the champion sign-up offers from each sportsbook to maximize your imaginable winnings.

Ranking the champion 49ers vs Eagles Sportsbooks/Mobile Apps

As you whitethorn person guessed, determination is an endless database of sportsbooks. Do you similar a bully UI, oregon predominant rewards for your loyalty? This ranking volition assistance you decipher which 49ers vs Eagles betting app is the champion for you!


FanDuel has done a large occupation astatine expanding connected what was erstwhile a ‘Daily Fantasy Sports’ app. Now boasting a fully-fledged sportsbook with an app that’s elemental and casual to understand, it makes betting easy.

One of the champion features connected the app is the quality to adhd ‘same-game parlays’. You’ve astir apt seen these connected Twitter, wherever idiosyncratic has posted a stake wherever they’re hoping for Jalen Hurts to unreserved for a touchdown and walk for 240 yards, Miles Sanders to people anytime, and possibly an opposing subordinate to deed a milestone. These ‘bet-builders’ tin beryllium arsenic elemental oregon arsenic analyzable arsenic you like, making them idiosyncratic to you.


DraftKings mightiness beryllium the biggest marque connected here. Their in-play betting is unmatched and determination is an abundance of promotions. The amusive doesn’t halt with sign-up offers, arsenic DraftKings effort to bring arsenic overmuch to the array arsenic possible.

DraftKings has gone supra and beyond to legitimize themselves arsenic the premier marque successful this space. They acquired Golden Nugget Online Gaming to bring users adjacent much ways to stake and acquisition the thrill of Casinos from the comfortableness of their ain home, and volition often beryllium aligned with reputable names successful promotional campaigns.

If it’s spot and comfortableness you want, DraftKings whitethorn beryllium the champion option.


BetMGM is simply a caller subordinate successful the marketplace and arsenic a result, their sign-up connection is overmuch much competitive. MGM has focused its attraction connected marque consciousness since expanding to the sports-betting arena, bringing successful radical similar Jamie Foxx to endorse the product. This comes aft the occurrence of Allen Iverson’s enactment for PointsBet.

The connection present sounds similar 1 of the astir low-risk, high-reward ones of them all, and it is. But conscionable beryllium alert that the bonus volition beryllium paid retired successful the mode of 8 $25 bets. This isn’t the worst happening successful the world, but it’s decidedly a hurdle if you wanted to stake that $200 each astatine once, oregon simply effort to instrumentality it retired from the relationship immediately, arsenic it’s going to necessitate immoderate other legwork.

The app itself is beauteous sleek and the institution is an up-and-comer. If you already person an relationship with the bigger players, there’s nary crushed wherefore you can’t instrumentality vantage of an enticing sign-up connection present and spot if their app is for you.


Unibet is best-known successful PA for a nonstop narration with the Eagles. This unsocial volition astir apt person galore Eagles fans to stake with them, having seen their Twitter relationship and logo look connected a batch of promotional contented this year.

The app itself is precise basal successful what it does. It’s not going to springiness you the astir bang for your subordinate successful presumption of promotions and offers, but there’s capable determination to screen each bases conscionable without immoderate of the bells and whistles from different apps.

Bet Rivers

This was erstwhile known arsenic SugarHouse Sportsbook. They connection a precise competitory sign-up offer, wherever they’ll lucifer your archetypal deposit with lone a 1x wagering requirement. This means that they’ll lucifer immoderate magnitude you deposit up to $250, and if you wager that magnitude conscionable erstwhile a azygous bet), past it’s yours to keep.

The truly chill happening astir this app is that it shares a wallet with their Casino, which offers each the slots, paper games, and casino amusive you could imagine. It’s truly tidy not having to divided deposits betwixt 2 apps, oregon determination winnings betwixt them. It’s seamless and thing that different sportsbooks should look to incorporate. You could easy instrumentality your 49ers vs Eagles winnings and bask immoderate casino amusive without having to interest astir moving funds.

Best likelihood for 49ers vs Eagles

Spread: Eagles -2.5 | 49ers +2.5
Moneyline: Eagles -145 | 49ers +125
Points: Over/Under 45

What astir if the Eagles bushed the 49ers?

Philadelphia Eagles to triumph the Super Bowl +260

Philadelphia Eagles to triumph the NFC Championship -110

Philadelphia Eagles to bushed the Cincinnati Bengals successful the Super Bowl +550

Philadelphia Eagles to bushed the Kansas City Chiefs successful the Super Bowl +500

Depending connected which sportsbook you use, likelihood volition alteration for 49ers vs Eagles. FanDuel, for instance, has the Eagles to triumph the Super Bowl astatine +260, which is acold much appealing than DraftKings astatine +230. This makes uncovering the champion app for you adjacent much important. Alternatively, it makes the determination to effort retired assorted sportsbooks a overmuch much enticing one.

EaglesPhiladelphia Eagles choky extremity Dallas Goedert (88) runs with the shot aft making a drawback arsenic New York Giants cornerback Adoree’ Jackson (22) tries to halt him during the archetypal fractional of an NFL divisional circular playoff shot game, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2023, successful Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)How to stake connected 49ers vs Eagles

The Eagles person enjoyed an emphatic offseason. With Jalen Hurts putting unneurotic an effortless MVP campaign, the squad has a accidental to get to the Super Bowl for the 2nd clip successful six years.

Eagles Fans person respective ways to stake their beloved Birds. Whether it’s an idiosyncratic matchup, oregon markets similar the squad winning the Super Bowl oregon Jalen Hurts to triumph MVP, the opportunities are endless. 

Bet connected 49ers vs Eagles in-person

Several of the sportsbooks listed supra besides person their ain casinos successful which they operate. So if you similar to caput down to a lounge and ticker 49ers vs Eagles with friends aft placing bets, these are the places for you:

FanDuel Sportsbook astatine Live! Casino Philadelphia

Address: 900 Packer Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148, United States
Phone: (833)-472-5483

FanDuel Sportsbook astatine Live! Casino Pittsburgh

Address: 5260 Lincoln Hwy, Greensburg, PA 15601, United States
Phone: (878)-787-7078

FanDuel Sportsbook astatine Valley Forge Casino Resort

Address: 1160 1st Ave, King of Prussia, PA 19406, United States
Phone: (877)-689-0662

UNIBET Sportsbook astatine Mohegan Sun Pocono

Address: 1280 PA-315, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702, United States
Phone: (888)-946-4672

Rivers Casino Philadelphia

Address: 1001 N Delaware Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, United States
Phone: (877)-477-3715

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