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One South Street sports barroom and grill is expanding to Bucks County successful a large way. 

Founding Fathers Bensalem present sits successful the erstwhile location of Quaker Steak and Lube successful Bensalem, and this 14,000 square-foot abstraction volition location a restaurant, grill, sports barroom and event/banquet space. The authoritative opening day for the caller venue is this Friday, Feb. 3, with a expansive opening solemnisation featuring a Bob Pantano Dance Party and DJ Joe Castro spinning tunes starting astatine 6 p.m.

Dave Chiavaroli of Marmont and Ken Hutchings of Cavanaugh’s are the duo down the caller Bucks County spot, and they’ve partnered unneurotic earlier to unfastened Cooper’s Riverview successful Trenton. When looking for caller abstraction for Founding Fathers, they besides added their wide manager (who is present a partner) Zecheriah (Zek) Leeper to assistance unfastened up the caller venture. 

Founding Fathers BensalemThe founding fathers of Founding Fathers Bensalem.Founding Fathers

“I’ve been a agelong clip nonmigratory of Bensalem and I’m arrogant to yet service the assemblage successful my ain backyard,” Chiavaroli explained successful a statement. 

“We privation to bring Bucks County an affordable caller spot for steak-lovers. While we anticipation to beryllium a large spot for peculiar occasions, our existent extremity is for repetition concern and regular diners who are section concern radical and our neighbors. We privation to beryllium that spot wherever you tin travel arsenic you are from a agelong time successful the bureau oregon dressed for a nighttime retired with the family, and bask a large and well-priced steak one, two, 3 days a week.”

The paper astatine this caller determination is helmed by Chef Tim Bennett, who has spent 2 decades successful the nutrient business, including 17 years spent successful steakhouses. 

The expansive paper features a ample enactment of appetizers, salads, tacos, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, entrees, steaks and sides, a merchandise states. During the year, guests tin look for a database of changing regular and play specials, positive immoderate seasonal additions. Opening services volition see lunch, blessed hour, meal and precocious night, with play brunch to motorboat aboriginal this year.

Some standout signature dishes from the caller Founding Fathers Bensalem see a 30-ounce Bone-in Cowboy Steak, a Filet Oscar with crab nutrient and asparagus and a 9-ounce Filet Mignon. And arsenic an other bonus, the paper volition beryllium offered good into the nighttime with the room closing astatine 1 a.m., 7 days a week. 

“While we volition beryllium a restaurant, barroom and grill first, we besides volition bring everything you emotion astir Founding Fathers South Street – the large and welcoming staff, the extended array of televisions for crippled viewing, a paper that besides includes each your tailgating favorites – positive a ample radical eating abstraction wherever you tin invitation 10-12 of your friends and person a country of the edifice each to yourself,” Chiavaroli continued.

Founding Fathers BensalemFounding Fathers

Partner/Owner Zechariah Leeper has designed a barroom programme chock afloat of options for brew lovers, trade experts, vino lovers, cocktail fans and much arsenic well. In total, the caller Founding Fathers Bensalem volition diagnostic 24 taps spanning section crafts and Game Day domestics, a twelve wines, a ample database of cocktails and much to beryllium added travel the spring. 

Visitors tin besides cheque retired Happy Hour each Monday done Friday from 4 to 6 p.m., a nightly Late Night Special from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Thursday nighttime Wing Nights, and specials for each sports team. 

Eagles Games (and the Super Bowl of course) volition diagnostic $4 Miller Lites, 76ers games volition diagnostic $4 Founders Solid Gold drafts and Flyers games volition person $3 Labatt’s Blue drafts. Sports squad nights volition besides diagnostic 1/2 terms pizza and chipotle chickenhearted nachos. In total, sports fans volition find 30+ televisions astir the full space.

“Who doesn’t privation to bask the Birds with a large steak and acold brew successful their hand? We besides purpose to beryllium the go-to spot for late-night eats, with hours aboriginal than astir each the kitchens astir us. Our extremity is besides to basal retired successful an country that has a batch of concatenation restaurants – and bring a local, idiosyncratic interaction to eating connected Street Road,” finished Chiavaroli. 

Founding Fathers BensalemFounding Fathers

Additionally, infirmary workers, schoolhouse teachers, archetypal responders and progressive subject are entitled to 25% disconnected of nutrient whenever they sojourn (dine-in only) according to a release, and determination volition beryllium unrecorded amusement each Friday starting astatine 6 p.m.

When the upwind gets warmer, Founding Fathers Bensalem volition besides diagnostic an outdoor platform and sidewalk seating. For the banquet country (which holds 150-200 guests), funny parties tin scope retired to [email protected] oregon telephone 267-408-4150.

Founding Fathers Bensalem (2900 Street Road, Bensalem) volition commencement meal work and big a solemnisation connected Friday, Feb. 3, starting astatine 6 p.m. To find retired much information, sojourn

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