Former Eagles great DeMeco Ryans stands in the way of another Philadelphia Super Bowl berth | - ELMARKO.NET Former Eagles great DeMeco Ryans stands in the way of another Philadelphia Super Bowl berth |

Former Eagles great DeMeco Ryans stands in the way of another Philadelphia Super Bowl berth |

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DeMeco ryans

San Francisco 49ers antiaircraft coordinator DeMeco Ryans earlier an NFL shot crippled against the Arizona Cardinals successful Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023. The Carolina Panthers person requested support to interrogation San Francisco 49ers antiaircraft coordinator DeMeco Ryans and New England Patriots linebackers manager Jerod Mayo bringing the fig of known candidates for the team’s caput coaching vacancy to 10, according to a idiosyncratic acquainted with the situation. The idiosyncratic spoke to The Associated Press connected Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023, connected information of anonymity due to the fact that the squad does not marque its coaching hunt public. (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez)

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DeMeco Ryans volition spell down arsenic an Eagles great, but helium present stands successful the mode of his erstwhile team.

The Philadelphia Eagles are nether a week distant from hosting the NFC Championship crippled against the San Francisco 49ers. On insubstantial and done regular play results, the 49ers and Eagles person been the 2 champion teams successful the National Football Conference each season. Philadelphia’s balanced attack connected some sides of the shot has overwhelmed opponents week aft week. The Niners connected the different manus utilized a commercialized deadline acquisition to rattle disconnected 12 consecutive wins.

While some teams are tied for the astir All-Pro selections and overmuch volition beryllium made implicit the endowment conflict connected Sunday, the deciding origin of who represents the NFC successful Super Bowl LVII could beryllium determined based connected the coaching staff.

For Philadelphia, that means facing a precise acquainted opponent.

DeMeco Ryans was a ascendant Eagle

For 4 seasons, DeMeco Ryans was the Eagles’ champion antiaircraft player. The Rookie of the Year successful 2006 recorded implicit 100 tackles successful his archetypal 2 years successful Philly and helped the Eagles triumph the part successful 2013.

Since his status successful 2015, Ryans has go 1 of the brightest coaches successful the NFL to day and is connected the precipice of a caput coaching gig himself. He besides conscionable happens to bring the champion defence successful shot into the spot helium erstwhile called location connected Sunday.

Ryans’ defence has been the communicative of San Francisco’s winning streak. Brock Purdy whitethorn beryllium successful the spotlight, but the mode the 49ers’ defence has suffocated playoff opponents similar the Cowboys and Seahawks is simply a nonstop reflection of the mode Ryans runs the scheme. Since taking implicit for Robert Saleh successful 2021, San Fran’s defence has been a top-three defence successful yards, points, rushing, and passing.

In short, determination isn’t overmuch that the 49ers’ defence struggles with.

It’ll beryllium up to Jalen Hurts, Shane Steichen, and the Eagles’ discourtesy to find a mode to get up of the erstwhile pro-bowl linebacker and enactment the squad successful a presumption to succeed.

When helium was a player, DeMeco Ryans was known arsenic 1 of the smartest players successful football. Now arsenic a coach, helium commands the apical defence successful shot and it’ll beryllium up to the Eagles to find a mode to get past the Niner’s stingy defense.

It each comes down to Sunday.

AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez