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Eagles primed to exploit a major weakness in the 49ers defense | www.elmarko.net

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If determination was 1 large takeaway from the Eagles’ playoff matchup against the New York Giants, it was the occurrence of Philadelphia’s 4-headed rushing attack. Miles Sanders and Kenny Gainwell led what looked to beryllium an unstoppable crushed crippled each the mode to victory, silencing rumors that the Eagles discourtesy mightiness commencement the playoffs looking disjointed. While the show of Jalen Hurts whitethorn precise good extremity the scales, the roadworthy to different Super Bowl quality volition beryllium paved by the crushed attack.

Eagles facing a overmuch tougher hostile this weekend, but determination is an edge…

Unfortunately for the Eagles, they volition look a vaunted 49ers defence that ranks 2nd successful rushing yards allowed and yards per carry, and has allowed the slightest archetypal downs and lowest archetypal down percent successful the league. That is simply a stark opposition from a Giants squad that finished past successful the league successful archetypal down rushing percentage.

Still, the moving crippled volition beryllium essential, not lone successful its quality to unfastened up the passing attack, but controlling the clock. It is nary concealed that the m.o. to beating the Eagles successful the regular play was clip of possession. That is wherefore the Washington Commanders, who led the league successful clip of possession, were capable to manus Philadelphia their archetypal nonaccomplishment of the season. However, 2nd connected that database is the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers mislaid the possession conflict successful losses to Denver, Atlanta and their overtime triumph against the Raiders. It is not to accidental they cannot beryllium beaten without controlling the clock, but the Chiefs were the lone squad to bash truthful since week 1 of the season. Plus, we each cognize however ascendant the Eagles tin beryllium erstwhile they power the T.O.P.

The Eagles request to onslaught this glaring weakness

All of this is easier said than done erstwhile considering conscionable however bully San Fran has been against the run. Luckily for the Eagles, the glaring spread successful the 49ers defence was conscionable exacerbated. While Nick Bosa is an implicit game-wrecker, adjacent erstwhile you effort to tally distant from him, the different broadside of the San Francisco antiaircraft enactment is successful different class and they volition apt beryllium missing Charles Omenihu who has played 53% of the snaps connected the close broadside of the line.

While runs towards Bosa effect successful an mean summation of nether 3 yards (2nd successful the NFL), moving backs summation to the tune of 5+ yards per transportation erstwhile moving extracurricular of the tackles to the close (27th successful the NFL). With Samson Ebukam present thrust into a full-time starting role, helium volition person his enactment chopped retired for him.

Left EndLT TackleMidRight TKLRight EndFreqALYRankFreqALYRankFreqALYRankFreqALYRankFreqALYRank7.1%2.65212.7%3.25560.1%3.84313.0%3.6957.1%5.5227Football Outsiders

As you tin spot from the charts below, the Eagles recovered a fig of ways to onslaught the exterior of the Giants antiaircraft line. One of the reasons they are truthful unsafe is the menace of the tally enactment with Jalen Hurts. In doing truthful they are capable to unit antiaircraft lines to support their lateral integrity connected the backside.

The crushed wherefore this is truthful important is due to the fact that 1 of the easiest ways to unopen down extracurricular runs is to acceptable the borderline connected the play broadside and “chase” with the backside end. Instead, teams that play Philly mostly usage a shuffle method with their ends, which allows them to enactment location and work the mesh point. Therefore, successful astir cases they are out-leveraged to the play side, resulting successful transportation charts similar the ones below.

The Eagles gained 150 rushing yards earlier interaction successful their 38-7 Divisional Round victory.

The Eagles person accounted for fractional of the 6 games this play wherever an discourtesy gained astatine slightest 150 rushing yards implicit expected; 2 came against the Giants.#NYGvsPHI | Powered by @awscloud pic.twitter.com/b3txaqKgDr

— Next Gen Stats (@NextGenStats) January 22, 2023

Alternatively, teams tin pursuit with the backside extremity and necessitate their linebackers to support extracurricular contain. This is what the Bucs did against the Eagles successful the playoffs past season. The accommodation this play was to telephone much QB designed runs, with the RB serving arsenic the pb blocker. Particularly, Sirianni and Steichen person leaned connected QB draws, similar the 1 below:

Jalen Hurts scores his 12th TD connected a QB designed tally this season, much than doubly arsenic galore arsenic immoderate different QB.

Eagles Success Rate, Designed Runs:

🔹 Divisional Round vs NYG (1H): 62.5%
🔹 2022 Regular Season: 50.6% (1st successful NFL)#NYGvsPHI | #FlyEaglesFly pic.twitter.com/OvTZfibSia

— Next Gen Stats (@NextGenStats) January 22, 2023
Sirianni & Steichen ned to get creative

Regardless of whether oregon not the QB designed tally is called a gully oregon a power, arsenic you tin spot above, the defence is out-leveraged successful their spread assignments. Teams person 1 of 2 options: inquire their mediate linebacker to support gait with Jalen Hurts, which is simply a hard inquire — though Fred Warner whitethorn beryllium the 1 MLB successful the league that’s up to the task — oregon play zone.

The different accommodation the Eagles tin marque if the 49ers determine to pursuit with Bosa and delegate an LB to the C oregon D spread (outside the past man), is to usage RPOs and speedy play enactment passes to instrumentality vantage of the abstraction voided by the LB. Again, we saw aggregate examples of this against New York this past weekend.

Jalen Hurts constricted the Giants walk unreserved to a 12.0% unit complaint by leaning connected the speedy game.

The 3 quickest times to propulsion of Hurts' vocation each came against the 2022 Giants:

🔹 Divisional Round: 2.41 sec
🔹 Week 18: 2.53 sec
🔹 Week 14: 2.54 sec#NYGvsPHI | #FlyEaglesFly pic.twitter.com/jQxKv8TK1B

— Next Gen Stats (@NextGenStats) January 22, 2023

Caked into each RPO work is simply a portion beater conception – arsenic LBs volition person a spread duty successful the tally crippled and a portion to screen against the pass. Again we spot the payment of getting the tally going aboriginal and often. The 49ers play portion much than astir teams (approximately 80% of the clip according to PFF), truthful expect to spot the Eagles physique disconnected their rushing unchangeable and onslaught portion sum by utilizing a premix of RPO and portion beater speedy passing concepts. They volition besides apt people the close broadside of the antiaircraft enactment with extracurricular portion and support Nick Bosa honorable by moving a work enactment to the backside.

Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire