AJ Brown ‘was hurting’ in dominant win over Giants, says Nick Sirianni | www.elmarko.net - ELMARKO.NET AJ Brown ‘was hurting’ in dominant win over Giants, says Nick Sirianni | www.elmarko.net

AJ Brown ‘was hurting’ in dominant win over Giants, says Nick Sirianni | www.elmarko.net

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – AUGUST 12: Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown (11) runs a way during pre-season crippled betwixt the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles connected August 12, 2022 astatine Lincoln Financial Field successful Philadelphia PA. (Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire)

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AJ Brown has been 1 of Philadelphia’s astir invaluable players this offseason, but a quiescent crippled against the Giants successful what was different a ascendant triumph appeared to frustrate the erstwhile Tennessee Titan, catching a fewer by surprise.

AJ Brown frustrated aft quiescent time astatine the office?

Nick Sirianni’s squad dismantled an inferior Giants enactment and is moving connected to the NFC Title Game for the 2nd clip successful 5 years. But portion astir of the news surrounding the Eagles is mostly positive, determination was 1 insignificant contented that came up precocious successful the blowout win.

After wide receiver AJ Brown couldn’t travel up with a heavy pass, the receiver came disconnected the tract hobbled but showed a level of frustration. Brown caught conscionable 3 passes for 22 yards successful the win. While ne'er a bully look erstwhile your squad is winning by 30+ points, the Eagles’ caput manager utilized Monday day to quell immoderate further concerns.

Nick Sirianni reacts

“Of course, he’s ever going to privation the ball. He’s a truly bully player. Not truly anybody successful the passing crippled truly got a batch of targets oregon a batch of opportunities due to the fact that we were moving the shot truthful well.” Sirianni said. “But marque nary mistake astir it, helium was thrilled that we won the shot game.”

AJ Brown was seen celebrating with the squad aft the crippled and seemed successful large spirits by galore reporters Saturday night. He besides near the Part of Sirianni’s mentation for his receiver was besides that the playmaker wasn’t 100% aft the win.

“He was going done a small thing with his assemblage that was hurting him. We consciousness similar he’ll beryllium acceptable to spell this week, but helium was hurting successful that game. That’s wherefore helium wasn’t successful the game.”

Looking ahead

The Eagles aren’t leaving thing to accidental to spell into a pugnacious matchup against the 49ers connected Sunday. A triumph would enactment Philadelphia successful the Super Bowl successful the 2nd twelvemonth of the Nick Sirianni era. While determination whitethorn person been immoderate issues with the Eagles’ apical receiver, those concerns person since been quelled by their caput coach.

Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire